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About the Author

Peter Kinch

Peter Kinch is a best-selling author currently living in Vancouver. A Canadian of Irish descent, Peter built a successful career for 25 years in the Mortgage and Finance world, where he became a regularly featured guest on national media and a sought-after writer, speaker and educator.

A chance encounter in 2012, with an Irish musician and historian, inspired Peter to do a deeper dive into his Irish roots. He had a vision to write a powerful Irish novel that would educate readers about the harsh realities of living in 19th Century Ireland and what led to the great diaspora of the Irish people on the eve of the American Civil War.

Peter sat on this idea for 10 years, until one day at the height of Covid, an acute incident landed him in hospital. Thirty-seven days later - Peter was having open heart surgery. The shock of this life-changing event and the realization that we are never guaranteed a ‘Some-Day’… made him pause. Writing this novel became his number one objective and what ensued was an amazing venture that would forever alter the course of his life.

Thus began a two-year odyssey that would take Peter across Ireland, then on to New York, Georgia, and Virginia. This in-depth search for historical truth has birthed an epic story, focused on two young cousins, whose courage undoubtedly stemmed from their forefathers … who were once Kings!